Dr. Sabatino Bianco – Board-certified Neurosurgeon

Dr. Bianco is a native of Naples, Italy. He knew that neurosurgery was his passion at the age of three, when he learned that the knowledge of the brain was the greatest frontier for humankind. He pursued a classical education with Latin and biology as the driving forces in his early academic life. He developed a keen interest in architecture that he still maintains today.

He attended the University of Naples Federico II medical school and graduated Summa Cum Laude presenting a thesis on “Neuroendoscopy in Neurosurgery”.

He completed a neurosurgical residency program in Genoa, Italy. During his residency he spent multiple months researching skull base anatomy at the University of California Irvine.

Dr. Bianco completed a yearlong fellowship in neuroendoscopy at the University of Pittsburgh. He then completed a second residency program in neurosurgery at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC. Dr. Bianco was in practice in Charleston, WV, and Tyler, TX before he decided to engage in his private practice in Arlington, Texas in August of 2009.


Dr. Bianco’s Involvement in Brain and Spinal Research

Dr. Bianco is involved in brain and spine research, development, and teaching. His dream is to further deepen the knowledge of brain and spine functions and pathologies to better care for his patients with neurosurgical problems.

He is one of the few neurosurgeons that have mastered the skills necessary to perform minimally invasive brain and spine surgery, neuroendoscopy, neurovascular procedures, and spinal deformity correction. He believes in minimizing the recovery time with a large number of outpatient procedures. He also uses more rarely orthotics (cervical and lumbar braces) thanks to his minimally invasive techniques that minimize the resection of normal structures.

Dr. Bianco constantly strives to improve the care that is delivered to our brain and spinal patients. Dr. Bianco’s early life experiences, when he was growing up in a family of humble origin, have had a tremendous impact on his dedication to his patients and his bedside manner.