Comprehensive Spine Center

Bianco Brain and Spine provides a comprehensive approach to the spine care. We have a team of physicians, clinical, and administrative staff that is dedicated to provide the best care to our patients. We strive to accomplish the best results for our patients starting with conservative treatments when indicated. Conservative treatments usually include a combination of physical therapy and pain management. We use tailored treatment plans for each patients to maximize their functional recovery.

We understand that the spine patients have significant pain that may produce mild depression and anxiety in some of them. We have a holistic approach that targets both the physical and emotional problems of the patients.  Surgery is part of the comprehensive treatment plan and it is implemented usually when the patient has failed a well designed conservative treatment cycle.

Below is a list of services also offered by Bianco Brain and Spine that are not of the surgical nature.

Electrodiagnostic studies (EMG’s)

Spinal cord injury

Multiple Sclerosis 


Brain Injuries

Sports Injuries

EMG guided Botox injections to treat spasticity, chronic neck pain (aka cervical dystonia) and as treatment for chronic migraine headaches.