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Dr. Bianco, It is there and at that time that God brought you, your skills, and me together. I entered the hospital that morning basically as an invalid with a fragmented lower disc that was cutting the nerve to my left leg. Already my whole leg was numb, and I was losing muscle control to my left foot not to mention the excruciating pain I had trying to move that turned me into a screaming crying baby. As a result, I could not walk, sit, or stand. All I could do was lay and crawl, but with a great deal of pain. After lower spinal fusion surgery, I could already tell things were better. There was no pain in my left leg already. Naturally the surgery created some pain, but the next day or so I was walking. The pain from the surgery really did not last that long, and I joined the human race once again with no back pain!!! Needless to say I became a fully functioning person, again.  You gave me back my life!! So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! May God bless you and keep you well.  – J.S.